The Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) is critical to safeguarding New York’s clear air and water, protected parklands, working farms and good-quality jobs.


The Environmental Protection Fund supports 350,000 jobs across New York in a broad spectrum of industries including construction, agriculture, recreation, tourism, forestry, recycling, and recreational fishing.


EPF-supported industries add $40 billion to the state’s economy every year. For every $1 invested in land and water protection, $7 in economic benefits is returned to the state.

About the EPF

  • Established in 1993, the Fund is New York State’s dedicated source of funding for critical environmental programs that protect what we love about New York – our clean drinking water, our magnificent parks, and our family farms.
  • It is a fiscally responsible, pay-as-you-go, capital projects account for making major, long-term investments in the quality of life in New York.
  • The EPF’s dedicated funding source takes no money away from other state priorities. The Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) has funded the EPF since it was created, and generates between $400 million and more than $1 billion annually in new state revenue. A portion of the revenue is dedicated to the Fund each year as part of the budget, and the remainder is used for the General Fund, where it can be spent on non-environmental programs.
  • Environmental funding benefits every county in New York State. EPF investments create jobs, eliminate solid waste, prevent pollution and invasive species, protect clean air and water and community character, revitalize urban areas, and connect people with the outdoors.