Environmental programs provide funding benefits that support the health, safety and prosperity of all New Yorkers:


$40 billion to New York’s economy every year


Access to nature is vital in protecting public health


Ignoring the escalating climate crisis will put millions of New Yorkers at risk

Our environmental programs will allow New York to build a more prosperous future:


Strengthen Our Economy: New York’s environmental programs support hundreds of thousands of jobs and support many industries including construction, agriculture, outdoor recreation, and tourism. These programs also leverage billions in federal, local, and private dollars, which New York can’t afford to lose.


Protect clean air & water: The pandemic has once again demonstrated that clean air, clean water, and access to nature are vital in protecting public health. Environmental programs help provide what every New Yorker needs: safe water to drink, clean air to breathe, and green space where they live.


Advance environmental justice: Low-income families and communities of color suffer disproportionately from air pollution, exposure to toxins, and lack of green space. Environmental justice programs help address these inequities.


Expand green space and restore natural habitats: New York’s environmental programs create parks, protect family farms, revitalize waterfronts, and restore habitat for birds, fish, and other wildlife.


Reduce climate risks: Millions of New Yorkers are vulnerable to flooding, extreme heat, and food and water shortages. By putting the Bond Act on the 2021 ballot, we can reduce harmful pollution and help protect communities from the growing risks of climate change.

Who We Are

New Yorkers for Clean Water & Jobs is a broad coalition formed to demonstrate the vast support for New York environmental funding and programs that protect clean water and air, create jobs, and address the climate crisis.